Scald with Fever and Opulence

by Luminous Veil

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Mirth 01:57
toothed memories bore deep within to savor the moments of the life-long unrequited incised and cursed, haunting the very core for what have I wrought this heart? where élan falls before the breath weathered and lost to the loom of apogee assiduous time, garrote to our youth sincerity consigned to modernity with abated joy a waning far too compelling to favor the moments of the life-long unrequited incised and cursed, haunting the very core weathered and lost to the loom of apogee assiduous time, garrote to our youth for what have I wrought this heart? where élan falls before the breath this sadness promising golden jubilee
a circular buzzing sound of excess wistful bodies surrounded by concrete a pervasive pleasurable pain the pangs of a creature polluted by light soulless pillars, towering over me I sink into lifeless obscurity as electrics hum and shine in the oppressive black, for which I resign from demeaning, nauseating life to dreaming, horrifying misery ubiquitous animals rife with anxiety medicate the symptoms, don’t disturb causality fertile desolation, repetitive melancholy lavishly detrimental, writhing insanity a fleeting flash of city light illuminates solemn faces of the weary ones’ city plights an un-nameable feeling evoked in me
Robust torrents in the distance with a constant violence against rock walls the ambient feeling of calm permeates all of me I breathe within the cascade as it removes me from myself yet, its stillness is upended by a single leaf’s descent slicing my eye-line and waking my dread The trees mostly barren now relinquish the sun and lingering familial grief The earth smothered with foliage petty thoughts sinking just as deep for what could have tarnished such lineage? I turn away from the deluge and follow the pathway home alone… sudden twinge of darksome thought about my brother for which my condoling spirit capitulates but must reform to overpower myself again and the trees, as naked as they are betray the whispering winds as I’m swathed by a funnel of foliage I’ve turned from the path to cliff’s edge to restful freedom
eyes ascend to the dead channel upon the screen she said, "it's cloudy" - in the stasis of forbidden dreams I’ve never seen the sunset, nor in this regard a shadow’s threat can’t tell if this is artifice but seems to be the nature for which we toil murky feeling mimicry, spreads like disease are we already below the soil? what's there to honor in the crux of humanity undress this grace, un-seed this sanctity to spring forth from this reverie she comes to me free of fancy the jewel she holds razed to rot splayed its marrow to unveil all is naught and so, its repellent truth laid bare behold the god-fearing mass in wide-eyed stare there is clicking on the ground from endless teeth amongst the gore and under weeping laurel wreath in reverie, repeatedly there's a certain permanence to the child in her the fog wavers a world unburdened by this grievous path clawing one's way from nebulous emotion twining her demeanor is an augmented chagrin at the blooming murk and endless bray of time
pulsating senses, tousled hair her body quivers in orgasmic flow violence erupts in the streets eyes mystified, to see the skin through hues of red human shreds what did I witness? What have I seen? the desolation of virginity siren song screaming lights just need to get by to probe the night with healing spears how many dead? how many have died? sing that song of urban decay notwithstanding the terror from within thrusting, thirsting, until we're finished and the duress dissipates with the smoke you can leave now but… “hold me”
Wilt-Shine 07:28
Oh, how these spires claw azure their design so beautiful, polished, gleaming yet the underbelly is crusted in dried blood at which they chip away flaking and softening with a monotonous rain I can see, can feel, how it obscures the undue thorns of the manacled Not to be absolved of torment But to merely bury the scars so, this appearance may shine and shine it does Starry-eyed staring beyond the sickness Casting doubt aside to live undignified Forever framed by somber woe and disgust for (our) crushing weakness



released March 31, 2019

Brian Doering- Vocals, Drum Programming, Synths, mixing/mastering
William Wolfe- Guitar, Bass


all rights reserved



Luminous Veil

(post)black metal duo
heavily leaning into atmosphere

Our 2nd full length, "Bellow of a Writhing Land" will be released

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